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    Anxiety, Sleep issues, or similar affecting your enjoyment of life?

    TEBO are Massage Chair Leaders when it comes to managing Aches & Pain


    Ritchie Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    One Must Have!

    "After a long day of hard work, muscles & back bones become sore. A 20 minute massage on this chair is just what I need and I feels reborn again. 95% of the time I fall asleep in this chair after the program finishes or sometimes just before it finishes then when I wake-up, I'm new again."

    Humble J. Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Easy to use

    "Been using this massage chair everyday and helps make a difference for my legs since I have varicose veins which has reduce in size and I have stopped attending appointments to see my massage therapist, so don't need to travel anymore."

    Craig Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Chair is a life changer!

    "I had 2 major operations over 2 years and Titanium devices were used to fuse my bones back together. Unfortunately, I still suffered from intense pain in my neck and lower back. I have 1 to 2 massages on my Tebo massage chair a day and I feel so much better!"

    Lynda Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Every home have one!

    "Fantastic massage chair! Absolutely love it! Having a diploma in massage therapy I can tell this was designed by the best. All you have to do is sit and "relax", relaxing is key to riding out pain, if you find it painful, you can turn it down till you feel the need to turn on the intensity, "no pain no gain"

    Laura H. Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    I am happy so far

    "I am happy so far with the chair. It takes a while to get used to it, but I am still experimenting and getting more comfortable as time goes by. it has certainly helped with my back problems and I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

    Ercan Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Tebo chair

    "This chair just got better. TV had replaced my other massage chair on my birthday. The new s track system is the best love it"

    Sarah Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    A life changer

    "This chair is awesome. I spent hours in it one day because it zenned me out so much that I just couldn't stop lol! Helps with mild back and neck pains and relieves tension and relaxes you. Highly recommend."

    Debra Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Tebo massage chair

    Absolutely amazing, very therapeutic and relaxing especially after a hard day at work, relieves pain, the heat therapy Absolutely soothing for aches and pain, the only fault I could give would be, a lovely cover to put over the chair when not in use would be a bonus 😀

    Sheryn Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Best investment ever

    "As someone who has seen a massage therapist weekly for a number of years I was impressed with the chair when I trialled it when it was on display. When it arrived at home I left it wrapped and in pristine condition just in case I wanted to invoke the money back guarantee. However, there is no way I would ever give it back!"

    Angela Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    My greatest Christmas

    "Excellent purchase.. My greatest Christmas present. This is such a wonderful chair. Thank you so much for early delivery a day before Christmas.."

    Tutuira Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    This seat is really amazing

    "This seat is really amazing, when I decided to buy was so apprehensive about purchasing or even trying it, buy giving me time to try out with no obligation was the turning point. I'm so happy it's in my house..."

    Robyn Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Easy to use

    "Easy to use and very effective re massage. In it daily so economic purchase despite initial cost because a half hour massage is over $50. Not the most elegant design but very functional."

    Karen Verified Reviewer

    New Zealand

    Love this chair

    "My favourite massage is the "stretch massage" It feels fantastic. Love this chair!"

    Stress or Stress-related illnesses can negatively affect your mental health.

    A soothing massage can relax tension throughout the body, and many people find the natural release of endorphins preferable to prescriptions that can lead to dependency and uncomfortable side effects.

    Improve sleep

     Many TEBO owners enjoy a blissful night’s sleep after a TEBO treatment!

    Lower Heart Rate

    Decades of research shows massage can serve as a powerful complementary treatment for lowering your heart rate, a major factor in heart disease. 

    Reduce stress

    The benefits of massage are undeniable. The TEBO can relieve stress and tension, and improve circulation which increases oxygen flow to the muscles. A TEBO massage chair can be your Happy Place when Me-time is a priority!

    Manage muscle aches

    According to the American Chiropractic Association, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Approximately one in ten people have it, and for many who develop back pain, it becomes a chronic condition. In some cases easing muscle tension can lower the level of discomfort.

    Reduce muscle tension

    The TEBO chair's various massage techniques and features can help improve blood circulation throughout the body, reducing muscle tension and promoting overall relaxation. This can result in improved flexibility, reduced muscle soreness, and a general sense of well-being.

    Increase energy levels

    Improved circulation and reduced muscle tension from massage allows better flow of nutrients and oxygen, your energy building blocks. The TEBO has customisable settings so you can adjust the intensity and pressure of each massage which can be saved for future use. These features allow you to find the perfect amount of pressure for your body.

    Highlights of your TEBO Aura

    Advanced Bio Mapping

    Automatically scans your body and measures your unique physiology. Detects spinal curvature along with your height and width, mapping your muscles, joints and your all-important pressure points.

    4D Intelligent Massage Technology

    TEBO® technology delivers a customised 4D massage experience that revitalizes tired muscles, while also boosting circulation and energy levels for every individual.

    Heat & Magnetic Therapy (Far Infrared Heat)

    Magnetic therapy and far infrared heating technologies supports your body to rest and recover faster. These therapies support improved circulation, relax muscles and increase cell metabolism.

    Negative Oxygen lon Therapy

    The Negative lon feature removes fine particles from the air around you and improves the absorption of oxygen. After3 minutes, oxygen absorbed by the lungs can increase by 20%.
    Help improve your sleep quality with cleaner air quality.

    Touch Screen Monitor with 23 Preset Massage Programs

    The new TEBO® offers 23 preset massage programs, each with adjustable intensity and speed settings to cater to your individual needs. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety or rejuvenate sore muscles, TEBO® customizable massages are the perfect solution. Plus you can save your settings for next time.


    The TEBO is designed to replicate 5 traditional massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, and Shoulder Grasp plus a 4D mode. The massage has five adjustable speeds. When using the Shiatsu or Tapping mode, the Aura massage hand adjusts to five different widths

    4D Massage

    4D Massage technology provides a deeper and much more intense massage which maximises the benefit of the massage and the relaxation. 4D Massages are also adjustable meaning you can control the intensity to best suit your preference.


    Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage that works with the body's energy flow. 

    Shoulder Grasp

    The shoulder grasp has multiple health benefits which include less muscle soreness.

    Tapping & Kneading

    A combination massage that aims to access your body's energy while stretching out your muscles.


    Tapping stimulates your body's energy meridians.


    Kneading relieves tension in the muscle by stretching and mobilising the muscle fibers.



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